The new – female – Ghostbusters movie has become the vote, if someone wants to see films by or starring women at all and if they are good. That sucks.

An afternoon at the cinema, full of expectation on the new X-men flick. While on the screen felt runs 100th trailer for any film, turns my acquaintance to me: “you are looking at actually the new Ghostbusters movie friends? With women?” “Sure”, I say, and my acquaintance face warps: “but the YouTube totally bad reviews received. I think the film is really bad – and I’m not saying that because the main characters are women.”

I’m baff: apply when YouTube “Criticisms” (= clicks on the thumb high/Daumenrunter button plus user comments) as a reference to whether a film is good or bad? And why should be emphasized especially not women – were the problem if they are obvious? (Recently, I read an article that seriously, titled: I despise Hillary Clinton and it has nothing to do with her gender – accurate, all right). I’m going the new Ghostbusters movie with Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon to watch, no question: I find it funny and entertaining every single of these women and why should the combination result not a funny film from all these women?

Male fanboys feel betrayed

However: I’m scared now too, to see the film. What if it sucks? Unwitzig? Stupid? Actually, Ghostbusters should be a feel-good summer movie to feel one you look at themselves, to have fun and entertain themselves well. Indeed, but in the meantime, Ghostbusters has become a kind of political act. To see him is feminist duty – and woe, he does not meet the expectations. This sucks. And who do we have to owe all of this? Gefrusteten men for the female Ghostbusters come close an Apocalypse, destroying everything what is dear to them. Clicking the Daumenrunter button so many times on YouTube, that the movie trailer quickly became after its release in March 2016 “most-disliked movie trailer in YouTube history”. Congratulations to this concerted action! The commentators see the trailer appears to be that see an attack on her childhood in the movie mainly to men: there can be only a Ghostbusters (namely the film from 1984 with Billy Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson)! As if through a remake of the original film would made somehow inexsistent.

Since the reboot of the 1984 film and the casting of Melissa McCarthy & co was announced, makes a small, but well organized group of male online trolls and fanboys sentiment against the project. That is also a form of sexism, so one of the logical arguments when you replace all men with women. The fanboys feel themselves betrayed – a remake with a cast, which is quite different than the original? Scandal! Many of them “do” now know that the movie will be bad why so an opinion formed in the cinema itself? Waste of money! Also unsettling orange glowing, professional women and minority hater Donald Trump has an opinion: “they’re remaking Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford – you can’ t do that! And now they’re making Ghostbusters with only women. What’s going on?”

Men are not considered risk, women already

Yes, what’s going on? But above all this: since the surprise hit bridesmaids stands firmly by 2011, women can be funny. Sounds weird, but so. Nevertheless, such films have it still hard ever to reach the screen. If a film, bad with male Director and male main actors, that’s just the way. The next movie of this type is determined. Movies of women with women is not true – each film is well explained with female main cast or a Director to vote in whether someone wants to see films by or starring women at all and if they are good. How often have I heard of male friends film sisters by 2015 with Amy Poehler and Tina Fey is really really bad – friends who look at still every Adam Sandler film. In Hollywood: men are willing to take a risk. With women not. Respectively: Men women already are not considered simply in general risk,.

All the causes that ghostbuster can not at all meet the expectations placed on him. In the race for the summer blockbuster, the film to “the” feminist candidates is mutated – when bad runs or gets bad reviews (or both), that will have probably directly affects the opportunities of women in Hollywood, before and behind the camera. This sucks. Ghostbusters should entertain, make laugh, tell a story. He should not have to be to the new evidence, that women a) can be funny and b) people want to see these funny women on the screen. Ghosbusters kicks off in Germany on 4 August. I will buy me a ticket for this, to have been probably much laugh and at the end leave the cinema feeling, well maintained. And it should not be more actually also in.

by Julia Korbik.
Julia Korbik (* 1988) lives as a freelance journalist and writer in Berlin. 2014, his book was stand up. Feminism for beginners and advanced (Rogner & Bernhard). Julia is founder and competent editor of mind the gap, the gender section of the six-speaking Europe Online Magazine Café Babel. On her blog Oh, Simone is all about the French author and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

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