Style without borders

His name is a synonym for Style and trend awareness- Wolfgang Joop . We met the design icon for a short conversation about fashionable GOS and no-goes in Hamburg.

Wolfgang Joop can look back on over three decades in the fashion world. Someone like him, who so closely witnessed the developments and trends of the fashion scene , we wanted to know of course if there is someone whose style has impressed him lastingly. The current celebrity world Joop is no good hair, to “busy and cramped or strange”, he finds the most’s Dressup sets.

In the past, he will however find it: Marlene Dietrich, the “Blue Angel”, made impression on the star designer – because she “has mixed just male clothing, elegant clothing, athletic clothing in cool way”.

Also Joop himself likes to play with different styleen: on our question, which had been his worst fashion Sin because, he replies tersely, “any fashion sin” actually every day to commit “on a whim and play instinct”.

That sounds to a lot more tolerant than colleague denies Karl Lagerfeld, repeatedly striking with striking slogans , and jogging pants makers immediately take control of their lives? Joop asked to complete the famous quote in its meaning:

“Who wears jogging pants, which… is wearing hopefully high chopping.”

Apparently, there’s nothing brings the star designer upset jogging pants and high heels. Joop has his own opinion on the subject of fashion Sin: “sin is a pretty strong word. It means to break a taboo. And in fashion, there are no taboos”.

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