Today starts the new interactive talent show “rising star” on RTL. And we have already a winner: juror joy Denalane (41). Five reasons why we love joy’s style.

Together with US singer Anastacia (45), reggae artist gentleman (39) and Sasha (42) singer Joy Denalane belongs to the celebrity judges of the new talent show “rising star” by RTL. Joy, who is in a relationship with musician and ex-member of the jury of “The Voice of Germany” Max Herre (41), delighted us long with their German-speaking soul and r’n ‘ B sound and their bombs aura. In particular but we are fans of their cool casual looks. Our site reveals five of joy’s fashion tricks that make our “rising fashion Star”:

  1. outfits that make younger
    Let’s face it: Would you realize that joy is 41 years old? The musician has a darn good knack for trend parts, which make them look instantly younger, but not girly. So she replaced honest Blazer by bomber jackets or Blousons and ladylike pumps through tough Dr Martens lace-ups. Her favorite part, fresh look: a classic white shirt. She wears it not only private but also held an evening dress on the red carpet.
  2. looks for coolness factor
    Joy’s fashion credo is casual, of course, and never overdressed. It uses portable parts that are stylish and are at the same time comfortable, like a boyfriend Blazer in the oversized look, black trousers and discreet sneaker. Glittering dresses and wild mix of patterns are not for the singer; Garish colors maximum as accessory. Because she looks never disguised, but always as they do joy most of their colleagues is just way cooler.
  3. noble contrast program
    In black and white combinations, joy rocking the red carpet. The Monochrome trend is perfect for women over 35, because he is timeless and classic, but still hot. Exciting the look works because joy playing with cuts and materials: the kast, dark, fake-fur jacket she styling a noble, black Tuxedo pants and a white top with stand-up collar.
  4. plain elegance
    From head to toe in white – joy is big fan of the all-white look. To avoid the white coat effect, it mixes in a color palette with broken nuances such as egg shell and ivory. And of course, their white parts are never stuffy, but more casual such as for example the combination far cut loose blouse pants skirt.
  5. bright colors as an accent
    When joy chooses striking tones, then thought through. Means: You Chooses a coloured part as eye-catcher, like for example a bright yellow blouse, which then mixes it with understated black or dark grey. Just as beautiful: Accessories such as a striking-patterned bag or shoes in metallic look.