The news of the last month in the Spanish capital is the case of espionage in the Popular party from which have emerged “ mysteriously ” numerous dossiers with confidential information from senior members of the community. Rumors don’t stop coming and relates to anything with what happened, but and in the world of fashion? Is there any spy? Perhaps Victoria Beckham?

In December we saw how she was not a thief in our particular April fool and now suddenly we see the opposite. The look for spy It is one of the Favorites of the British to look, as we saw last December, to cite only one example.

And is that with a perfect gabardine, Victoria Beckham He sought to camouflage itself to see if he could continue with his pose of detective, coincidentally in the arrival at the same Airport, Heathrow, London, than before. Two row coincidences are many & #8230;

With a few grey high heel shoes knee combined the trench of the same colour as sobrepaba. Although the best as always were the degraded Sun glasses maxi and the tote bag beautiful style Harlequin, belonging to the collection Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2008.

With similar look, let’s not possible linkage to any case with detectives, that Victoria Beckham you have plenty of free time and the cool pose is perfect for that profession.