Hippie style, animal print, striped, Plaid, or with the latest digital designs. The bloggers they know to choose the best fashion prints for their spring looks. There is none that can resist them. The 1970s have become the fringed suede and shirt dresses of Bohemian air.


Stripes dress up the most simple looks, with little they already are right between clothing of soft tones and a very off Green khaki, with boots for these days.

Total moles

The total look It can also be printed. The moles become great about this monkey that seems divided into a two-piece style sport where there are white Adidas Stan Smith shoes.

Digital porcelain

The digital pattern also falls to the charm of the porcelain and the simple looks that just grow thanks to clothing as this short coat along with a pin stripe capri pants with a small detail.

Animal wink

The animal print its unconditional and this grows has better in allowances than in the rest of the garments. Accessories such as handbags and sandals that share inspiration.

Fine pictures

The pictures are taken in blouses short sleeve whose collars and pockets break the layout with fine stripes in versatile designs that combine with any garment.

A visual blazer

The blazer is encouraged with the prints more visuals, mixing shapes and colors, a nice touch to grow that formal dress.

Outbreak of ideas

Full color, choosing a version in shades of pastel with more spring blue and modernizing the court lady of the dress with a bit of campaign together with sports.