The Ways in Which The Cowboy Look Is Brewing in Our Closet

Without giving us account, sometimes subtly and sometimes quite sassy, the cowboy style He is entering in our closet and in our looks in many different ways. There is more to take a look to the streetstyle blogs to see that this spring-summer ride on the back of a style cowboy:

The fringes are everywhere: they are in skirts, jackets, bags, scarves and dresses. Even the smartest bloggers do not resist to this style halfway between the 1970s and the style of Western films.

The scarves around their necks and the studded booties they are the fashion accessory of all fashionista self-respecting. Thus we seem the most savage outlaw of the Canyon of the Colorado.

We rescued the wide-brimmed hat as a wildcard for all days. There was a moment that bloggers wore it with all their looks then fall into disuse. Arrives again time to wear it.