The seventies revival we live this spring-summer 2015 brings, among many other items, the Bell-Bottoms. With revolutionary mood or not, even those that carry years without removing a pair of skinny jeans show us how to wear Bell-bottoms with style. Bloggers and famous surrender to the spirit of Woodstock we copied his style and we join the revolution?

A Denim world

The Cowboys are irresistible. Either slim or terminate flared, all accumulate several jeans in our closet. And if they feel well, we don’t want to get rid of them. The Bell-bottoms are well in key Denim, combined with Denim shirts, or in motera key, with genuine leather jacket.

The best shoes to wear these campaigns are the boots or high heel sandals, to be possible square. Platforms that were in the 70’s are still the best companions of these pants.

Elegance in Bell-Bottoms

Who thinks the flared jeans are only for moments casual is wrong. Olivia Palermo, it more pija girl, knows equip them with all the elegance and in the week of the fashion of Paris not separated from them.

Cindy Crawford also shows us that with thin heels and a good short jacket, These pants can be perfect and elegant as the daily uniform.

Miroslava Duma, always giving lessons of style, shows us how the campaign can be most in a fashionista look. White, combined with a peplum top, up to the more Petite dare with them.

Yes up to Chanel He has not resisted her charms and presents the campaigns in the form of diver Denim.

In casual

But as more like it is when the Cowboys look in a casual way. Alessandra Ambrosio-style, with large pockets of 70’s style.

With a simple t-shirt.

Or with a blouse and a really exaggerated campaign.

The strong point of these jeans is that they compensate silhouettes and feel well almost everyone. With good heels hidden under the hood, your legs die endless.