The Image of Women in Advertising – Border Debil, Sexy, Caring.

Unilever wants to dispense with sexist advertising. Finally – for so long women in advertising shave her hairless legs and stumble by a “oops”moment to the next, is still a lot to do.

Unilever has a lot of things: the distributor of axe, Langnese and Knorr will use in the future any sexist advertising more, to promote its products. Any axe men, which attract hordes of screaming bikini women deodorant – button, no more moms who sacrificially serve the food husband and children. Before deciding on the new advertising strategy, Unilever had investigate the representation of men and women in advertising, as well as their effect on viewers. Result: Only three percent of the motifs show women in positions of responsibility. And: advertising that shows modern gender images, better is the clientele. Behind Unilever decision is therefore less claim, to make the world an equal, as a rather economic interest a piece.

Power but also actually nothing, because let’s face it: it likes even more companies are likely to discover the economic benefits of gender equality. The fact is, that women in most campaigns is still represented as a border debile, sexy, eternal bleeding, is rasierende, caring, cooking housewives wonder.

“Oops” moments and blue blood

There are for example the Tena lady that fly buzzing around with a French accent and proclaimed, she’s always this “oops moments”. But: ‘ c’est la vie “, with the new lights by Tena women get their drips bubble in the handle also. Incontinence like lipstick on the teeth is spoken and done so when incontinence is of course neither advertising nor on the associated Web page that speech – is rather of a ‘nervous bubble’. An “oops moment” just.

As well as the period to get. They who know: this is less bloody event to a monthly recurring, sometimes more, sometimes. Not so in the cure advertising world! There women do not secrete more than an ominous blue liquid – or also because this liquid is tilted off small tubes on the crisp white bandage. Suction vacuum makes the binding and all the world’s problems are solved. The US actress and-Komikerin Tina Fey noted in her memoirs of Bossypants ironically, she was horrified when she came the first time their rule: they had expected blue liquid, what came was blood. Yuck! Because blood is so distasteful and unnatural, it may not appear in tampon commercials. Instead: Women in pastel clothing, free and happy to jump through the screen. Yeah hoppsassa, well, that krpravinchandra takes the “liquid” as well!

With Maggi fix fix what magic

As binding – and tampon advertising without blood come out, so a single hair was never spotted in women Shaver commercials. With a lot of care, woman shaved (mostly: any one of Heidi’s “Girls” from the current season of GNTM) there already Chin leg. The leg is then still hairless, soft, seductive, calls the beach or a hot date with a young man who can hardly yet in itself stop outside louder smooth Hairlessness.

The Super moms and-hausfrauen in advertising don’t have time for the beach or dates of course. It get an orgasm already, they have quickly conjured up a delicious meal fix with Maggi and again white to get the blouse without much effort. This is done, you can the wiper on the tiles slide – accompanied by a happy smiling master immediately with elegant hip swinging proper. Which is also the only man who can be seen in the typical wiping-and road apartment clean advertising. Woman has done her day’s work she has plenty of time, Herum zuschmeißen her hair to take showers under exotic waterfalls and ecstatic to stroke her armpit sprayed with deodorant fresh. Or, to obtain a remedy for their constipation, her diarrhea / her abdominal cramps. Including women seem to suffer than men: above-average more often. Maybe because women can – better represent they face and the handle to the belly faces are not always required, sometimes also a slimmer, trained abdomen in the middle of a rope knotted painful enough. The belly is of course even so slim, because woman is worried about her figure. Quite different when the right guys, “sometimes more likely to drink their Sixpack as train” and for the “salad only Dischdeko” is. These guys eat the pizza Burger, “Finger-food for fists”. Women have obviously no fists.


So cliche it all is – Yes but what kinda deal. The Maggi Happymama is now often an equally happy dad, who together with her Bolognese tilts the powder into the. Or he conjures up a tasty pasta dish with cream cheese to impress the Lady of his heart. A man is progressing the belly appears now also times between all the pained faces of cramp-ridden women. And the always sanitary napkins manufacturer has created a pretty ingenious – almost feminist – campaign with #likeagirl.

So maybe everything well in the advertising country – at least, when finally and more companies understand that women are not so much on advertising, which represents them as eternally dripping, shaved and plaster-blazing Airheads.

By Julia Korbik.

Julia Korbik (* 1988) lives as a freelance journalist and writer in Berlin. 2014 published her book stand up. Feminism for beginners and advanced (Rogner & Bernhard). Julia is founder and competent editor of mind the gap, the gender section of the six-speaking Europe Online Magazine Café Babel. On her blog Oh, Simone is all about the French author and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir.

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