The Beauty Wahn on Instagram & the Little Sick perFect 365 App

Yesterday morning schlawanzelte I unsuspecting and tired a bit in the MTV Office, like every Monday, just, just I had pee in the eyes are this time a few seconds after my arrival and rolled me with laughter, a colleague had the app namely “perfect 365” discovered and an Elf face including wall mane conjured up by using the various editing tools. To shoot, really. Enamored as I am sometimes, it was therefore not another two minutes until I owned the putative nonsense app was gazing me cheerfully souped-up and tropical makeup suitable to the Copacabana. So far, so funny. Then I however terrifying a whole range of discovered natural looking filter that is placed like fairy dust on my face: every blemish is with a single click determined, also eye bags, but are free blush in seconds, endless eyelashes and a discreet but effective face shape correction. 

Somewhere between the “hammer, now I have no more make-up me for a photo” and “Oh God, the world is a single fake”, dawned on me that this app is really and truly serious. I was considering this fabulous discovery for me even one second to keep, was fortunately very quickly before my own nail in the head and asked me who probably is already in my environment with “perfect 365” fudelt.

Social-media cheating is probably reached its peak with this app. Because’s is so simple and effective. But where is the over aestheticisation, the delusional perfecting of every externality still lead? Rights could become the collection dates, maybe you do in the future really like Joaquin Phoenix in “her”, for what, if the other party learns that blackheads real and lips are sometimes flaky? Well, nonsense aside. It sounds laughable to funny, can be namely actually to the full-blown problem.

Already know I namely a few specialists who only chase each mobile photo through Photoshop, a few pounds away – liquefy and wave arms eradicate people who overexpose her face until unrecognizable and young women who are long since adopted by Instagram, because they can no longer withstand the pressure of the perfect Selfies or want. (Yes, friends, you can tell), “perfect 365” that so perfectly fits the prevailing Instagram Zeitgeist : “Is beautiful, what the opposite of real”.

White yes not, how about you guys, but I sometimes verge, to hoist the white flag to surrender before the perfection of all the digital elf creatures from all over the world. So what happens there just with our self-confidence? Where’s the healthy portion the joking about the crooked nose, which nunmal is Grandpa, the real #wokeuplikethis crumple faces to have like, the dark circles to the most beautiful and longest night of the month self love? Everything from the extinction of threatened, instead there is a synchronization and we all stuck up to his neck in it.



actually would have to follow a conclusion now, anything by due “dares any photo that you have not tampered with” or “people, your Hamster cheeks and Crackle calves shows once again”, but hand on ’ s heart that all know we still long. It is entirely logical that only our blemish particularly and the smooching have, that lies have short legs and true beauty has little to do with photo filters. Just it damn is difficult to let this knowledge into action. But, we should because one thing is certain: our “real I” is certainly the best I.