The Attack of The Nike Air Max, Flat to Stylish in Just a Second

In the fashion world we cannot say the word never, it is clear that trends come and go and that what today seems awful morning can seem dramatic. We can not veto in our dressing room items, this has happened to me to me with some slippers today I do not take, and that they have become indispensable in the wardrobe of any fashionista for example shoes the New Balance or the Nike Air Max. A few years ago most cool city associate this type of shoes with the most tacky of the city and today with the girls.

The slippers are perfect to make sport but a time to this part become a perfect shoe to match garments and achieve balanced between two styles, something that seems completely spectacular looks. Although it does appear a bit risky is the tendency to combine this style with chiffon dresses or pants by tailor male slippers.

Many renowned bloggers are betting by the Nike Air Max in many of her looks and actually do so very wise and correct. Recently celebrated the day of the Nike Air Max and the most important bloggers in our country participated in this special day, each chose his one of his style because today we can find many different models, of color fluor, with Vichy or creating striped fabric and even metal skins. Chiara Ferragni or Collage Vintage do not hesitate to put their Nike to combine them with any look.

If you like these Nike peculiar I recommend that your favorite, if you can find one with a touch seek fluorine, pastel or metallic don’t hesitate and buy you because you make them a lot. Do not think that you can only wear them with garments of sport put the trend is to combine clothes such as skirts or dresses with these sports so compelling. Is an insurance agreement this summer, mostly without socks and with a good Tan.