Finally came the day choose to the famous winner of the tacky of bowling in January. After having given known throughout the previous month who would be candidates, now decide on the winner of them all. The level is very high, as it is difficult to opt for a clear favorite until polls are closed.

The survey starts today and will be open until February 10, thus leaving seven days in those who want to can vote for their chosen. Seven days that encubraran to the tacky bowling alley in January, resulting in the first winner of 2009.

I have at least unclear by which to opt and you? Better to do a simple review to refresh memory.

Katy Perry

The style of the singer was summarized in a sentence: look for Jacq ’ s, Recalling as well the old ad. With a mini dress in leather, huge rack in the Middle, floral tights and a large crucifix on his chest. Elements thus were supporters of opening the award and a serious candidate to win it.

Courtney Love

The Queen of grunge It broke out in the list. So much so that until now it has been difficult to overcome it. Theirs was the rococo style But even more tacky. Layers and more layers made this impossible to imagine style. If someone has serious chances of winning, it is Courtney Love.

Paris Hilton

The famous more irritating in recent years he also wanted to compete and win something for once. To this end he proposed two styles instead of one. And to each of which are worse. Or is it cloaked in the guise of unknown with a sweatshirt with hood and mega ugly trousers. Or left party with a Mini white dress. Possibilities? A few.

Heidi Montag

Don’t let to the blond Platinum and go with Heidi Montag. My namesake’s surname showed how to be more tacky that nobody is doing the manicure with the Chanel logo on each. Only already that it deserved its place in the list.

Lady Gaga

And more blonde Platinum, this time singer. Lady Gaga It was surprising to own and strangers with a bow made with your own hair as well as a white set that seemed to have been taken from a Pajama. Among many commentators, is a favorite.

Miley Cyrus

The young woman from the list and one of the famous new with worse taste in clothes, not to say the most. Their reasons: Middle broken the most, suede boots blue with strips, electric bag and Iron Maiden t-shirt. Slat put it very high, so much that some already put his name in the first place.

Avril Lavigne

Another singer in the list and one of the strongest and most extravagant looks. Theirs is the attention or stop not unnoticed, because if not, nobody understands how could choose such unsurpassed style. Great possibilities the of Lavigne.

Mischa Barton

We had not forgotten her. The former actress’s The OC It tends to err style whenever we see it, and therefore we had to have it. It was apparently learned of the award and it controlled a little to not enter, but the used combination and how bad that carried a Dior dress made it to enter in list.

ELSA Pataky

Unique Spanish face on the list came right at the end due to his appearance in Paris that Laia brought us exclusively. I still running with the Green container that my companion portrait to his side as a metaphor visutal style. When it came out, many gave it as winner & #8230;


And finally, the tenth candidate: Rihanna. While the look is for a show, the artistic license comes to some extent. In the case of the singer, that grade is beyond in all respects, but particularly by boots and paratrooper vest. He could have entered with his look on the night of Obama but this was stronger.

After this review, you just need to open the voting and each choose their favorite. Who will win the? first prize tacky bowling alley in 2009?