Suit Grid: How to Use Customs Chess with Elegance

Wear a suit checkered is like crossing the Rubicon. Know this story?

Suit Grid How to Use Customs Chess with Elegance

The Rubicon is a river in Italy. At the time of the Roman Republic, he demarcated the territory in which a roman general could not proceed with his legions. This measure was intended to prevent maneuvers of the big legions on the outskirts of the capital. To cross the river on the way back to Rome, the generals should release his troops or leave them camped out.

On January 11 of 49 a. b. c., Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his legions, declaring civil war. It was when he said the famous phrase “alea boasts about est” , or “the die is cast”. It was life or death to Caesar; or took the city, or it would be destroyed. Nothing was the same, and the action marked the beginning of the fall of the Republic, which later would become the Empire.

But Luke, what does this have to do with this suit checkered? Calm, I will respond.

The risks and rewards of a suit-checkered

The pattern that we are going to discuss is the window pane. Let me explain: in English vocabulary there is a word for each type of pattern. Detail-oriented, right?

This suit checkered window pane is the one with the plaid formed by the intersection of thin lines and evenly spaced, one in horizontal and one in vertical, forming a design that resembles the frame of a window pane. The contrast between the lines and the background can be a lot or may be in tone-on-tone, with the latter being much more discreet and easy to combine.

No matter where you are nor where you are going to use. This pattern will draw attention, always. It is not common in the apparel business from any place of the world. It is also striking as suit social, and even more as suit casual.

To be in Brazil is an aggravating factor extra more in Brazil. Almost we do not use suit. What about a suit checkered!

Namely, to get out of the house with a suit-checkered window pane is to take a risk which can give very right or very wrong. Cross the Rubicon and get ready to be seen as stylish or as a clown. This type of risk is reserved for those who, like Caesar, are you willing to put everything in the game.

How to wear a suit checkered?

Suits solid, or textured solid, are safe. They always fit well, but may bore the fans tailoring to the most dedicated.

Striped, or checked patterns, very detailed, difficult combinations if you’re willing to use a shirt detailed or a striped tie, for example. The accumulation of lines small it can be tiring.

Clean lines allow for more combinations

With the window pane, squared off and clean, you can assemble varied combinations with more room if you choose well the stripes and patterns of the tie or the shirt. The contrast, not to quarrel among themselves, it becomes easier. It is a good idea for those looking for a suit with more force than a solid, without opening hand of the versatility.

Look at the examples below, with a clear distinction between the stripes of the tie and the usual:

Break the rules with discretion: Tones complementary

In my opinion, the visual dynamics of the suit checkerboard is the same as a custom pinstriped, with a light twist. The fine lines are more subtle than other types of chess. If you choose a combination of colors, unobtrusive tones with complementary or tone-on-tone, can break conventional norms without leaving much of the centre.

Careful with the contrast: Lightening with accessories

Already the window pane with a lot of contrast, as in the photo above, it is too strong for my taste. I do not see myself using, and all the photos that I see, I think, very eccentric. In my opinion, it is no longer fashionable, something discreetly out of place, and goes on to scream for attention. Only works if you are a certain type of person!

A way to mitigate, is to swap the trousers for a tissue solid, as in the second photo below:

Eccentricity camouflaged!

In addition to the color combination, the distance between the lines of the plaid is also important. If they are very close, the repetition of small boxes is repetitive and tiring the eyes. When away, some of these patterns are so discreet that can only be seen very close up. A surprisingly interesting for those who get to shake his hand.

Is it worth buying a suit checkered?

A suit checkered should definitely not be your first custom. Who needs versatility, it will be much better served with a good navy blue or gray solid.

Now, for those who need or like to be always wearing tailoring, and are already well equipped with the basics, has the checkered discreet an option that allows you to take advantage of, with relative ease, all the pantheon of shirts and ties.

The checkered and good for anyone who is willing to expand the palette of options to work with the creativity. In time to think about a to suit different, don’t be afraid to cross this Rubicon!