Nazi accusations against the clothing giant Zara: A striped shirt with yellow star from the children collection reminiscent of the fine clothing of concentration camp prisoners in the Third Reich. After public protests, the shirt was now removed from the range.

As stripe shirt “Sheriff with button placket” Zara offered the upper part for small children until recently in his shop and in some stores for sale. But instead of cool Western-style memories of concentration camp clothes Jewish prisoners be awake in this T-Shirt! The reason: blue-and white convict stripes and a big yellow star on the left chest.

Blue and white striped with Fotolia, yellow star on his chest: the T-Shirt that at concentration camp clothing and caused a Shitstorm against Zara, was now taken from the range.

The children shirt that is supposedly inspired by Sheriff stars from classic westerns, was offered in the Zara online store for just 13 euros.

Tons of Internet users outraged over the tasteless design of the garment and caused a Shitstorm. They criticized the lack of history of the responsible designer and asked: “How can such a faux pas happen an international fashion company these days?” Some users even went so far and called for a worldwide boycott against the chain. Zara reacted immediately, took the shirt from the market and apologized via Twitter. “The inspiration for the design of the T-shirt comes typical exclusively from the classic Western films and for the Sheriff’s badge, as well as the claim of the T-Shirts stating”as the corporate spokesperson to image.

But it’s hard to believe at the sight of this children’s clothing for many people. A similar case at the Zara made headlines recently. Charges of racism the group, which belongs to the Spanish textile Empire Inditex, had to take “White is the new black” from the range a T-Shirt with the inscription.