Little clothing, much naked skin – textile company, American Apparel omits no opportunity to provoke with his ads. The latest scandal: a campaign in the Lolita look.

Once Benetton, also the US fashion label know to provoke American Apparel with its advertisements. So that the brand, AA founder Dov Charney (45) was from the outset on the simple but effective motto: sex sells. The models, often asked of the label, keck posing in tight clothing, clothing remains secondary.

So easy, so good?
With the permissive motives, Dov Charney makes not only friends. The girls are too young and too little attracted many critics. And now American Apparel goes even a step on the Provo multiply scale. So, you saw a Lingerie model who was over the age of 60, a bare-breasted Muslima or Mannequins with XXL pubic hair glued-onlately in the campaigns. And also the latest campaign developed for the British market, resulted in a gigantic Shitstorm on the net.

Provocation with school uniform
A model in very short Tartan skirt who leans forward in a car can be seen. The rock is thus pushed upwards, to see which is bared butt easily. Although already Britney Spears (32) 15 years previously in their “baby one more time” music video began with a school uniform on the Lolita effect and thereby made a musical breakthrough, this went too far the British!

The British are not amused
For the British, known otherwise not necessarily for her prudery, the sexy schoolgirl campaign is a scandal! On the Internet as well as at the British newspapers that sparked “back to school” display off a huge wave of Shitstorm. On Twitter, advertising the user called “Pornography for minors” and women contemptuous. Twitter user “Em” writes: “your ‘Back to school’ – skirts trigger Lolita fantasies and sexism are legitimate.” And even major UK newspapers, such as “daily mail” fulminate against the American textile giant. Peter Bradley of the youth organization “Kid Cape” in the newspaper the US-based group the question: “Would the Board members allow their daughters to wear these mini skirts?”

Meanwhile, the campaign has been removed from American Apparel. But whether the British will be still “sharp” on their clothes, remains questionable.