Samsung Gear Live has been the surprise of the Google I / O 2014. We did not expect Google to talk about a new Android Wear smartwatch with LG G Watch and the interesting Moto 360 in the room, but here we have it.

After a timid adventure with Gear 2 and Gear Neo with Tizen and the most modern and daring Gear Fit, Samsung Gear Live is their first Android Wear smartwatch. It follows the line of the Gear, square and relatively large, but with the system of Google, which for many will be reason more than enough to opt for it.

Samsung Gear Live, Technical Features

Accustomed to the current bracelets and quantifiers , Samsung Gear Live can be defined as one of the great of this category of products. Compared to them, of course, since the 1.63-inch screen is still somewhat limited, and its resolution of 320×320 pixels is also limited. In total 277 dpi, a density quite acceptable, although its big point in favor is that the screen is a Super AMOLED, some new watch we expected coming from tucsonsmartwatches.

Samsung Gear Live The Fourth Korean Smartwatch Arrives With Android Wear 1

The dimensions of the set, according to Samsung, are 37.9×56.4×8.9 millimeters, and the weight of 59 grams, all of them very similar to those of LG’s Watch. Samsung has also decided to incorporate IP67 protection against dust and liquids (we remind you our guide to know what each of these certifications offers ), of course interchangeable straps (available in black and red ‘wine’) as well as Bluetooth 4.0 LE for the connection With the smartphone.

In the more technical section, Samsung claims the existence of a 1.2 GHz processor, not to mention specific model, which will be accompanied by 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage. One of the requirements – it seems not only for Gear Live if not for all Android Wear devices – is that it will require Android 4.3 or higher to work.Also favorable is the heart rate sensor integrated in the back, something the competition-for now-does not have.

As a weak point we find the battery, of 300 mAh compared to the 400 of the LG G Watch. A hundred milliamperes representing 25% of the total, and that could significantly affect the autonomy of the device.

Samsung bets on Android Wear … and what about Tizen?

Samsung was one of the first to create its smartwatches, for some too soon in a somewhat green market by then. With the Gear 2 and Gear Neo introduced in 2014, Samsung opted for Tizen as its own system, ideal for this type of product so specific but also in cameras and,

Why not, on smartphones.

Samsung Gear Live The Fourth Korean Smartwatch Arrives With Android Wear 2

Samsung again diversifies its products with the arrival of Gear Live once again. Something that happened not many years ago, when the Korean company bet on Android to the detriment of that Bada that after these years has been forgotten.

Samsung repeats strategy diversifying its products and offering wear and Tizen smartwatches simultaneously

We must bear in mind that Android Wear and Tizen are starting to hit the market right now, in mid-2014, and it is too early to determine what the future paths of both systems will be, as well as how successful they will be.However, Samsung repeats strategy by offering products of the same category with different operating systems: one ‘from the house’ and another from the neighbor, in this case Google, friend but also enemy.

UPDATE: After a few hours from the presentation and thinking about this section, we decided to slightly modify the point of view that we reflected in it. Our idea is that it is still too early to assure how successful both Wear and Tizen will be.

Samsung Gear Live The Fourth Korean Smartwatch Arrives With Android Wear 3

Price and availability of Gear Live

Presented today and also available today for your reservation, next to LG G Watch . Both will be officially distributed through Google Play, although they have not yet been published on this portal. We are waiting for this to happen, and as soon as we have new information we will update this article.

While it is true that Samsung Gear Live can be booked today, another of the doubts we have is their availability according to regions. A priori can only be purchased in the United States although, once again, we hope to confirm this as soon as smartwatches appear on Google Play.