Cassandra Steen has married secretly, MOTSI Mabuse dreams of its own dance school, Franziska Knuppe came directly from the boat holiday and Sonya Kraus’s out walking sometimes in pajamas!

Düsseldorf was all the rage with the VIPs. The fashion and lifestyle company S.Oliver had within the framework of the Womenswear trade show “CPD” 1000 guests to the party charged. Motto: “let it create the future together!”

First was host Reiner Pichler (CEO S.Oliver) views on the future strategy of the company, and then was shown, what so man and woman in the future. The models, including GNTM Kandidation Aminata, the spring / summer collection by 2015 by S.Oliver S.Oliver denim and S.Oliver premium presented at the big fashion show. Casual jeans outfits in white, pastel, or rocking in black, but also fancy suits and beautiful evening dresses.

In the front row, also numerous celebrities from fashion, business and show business size. Top model Franziska Knuppe for example, which attracted the attention in their white robes of the dream. “I’ve got a colorful mixed wardrobe, in which there are also parts of S.Oliver. Most of the things of which are rather casual. I didn’t have too great evening dresses”, praised the model who had interrupted their holiday extra for this evening. “I’m with my family on the Baltic Sea with the boat on the way,” she told “I travelled to extra for this evening from Lübeck.”

The trend color of the evening was white. Singer Cassandra Steen had opted for a short white. “In the summer better than black. I won’t go though to the trend, but wear what I feel well,”as the singer, who was accompanied by her sweetheart Stéphan Kocijan. To her and also his ring finger a ring was to discover…! “Yes, we got married,” betrayed them on demand, “Last year at the end of December.” Young? Steen: “the baby comes in September and is called ‘Mirror image’, my new album.”

“Let it create the future together”-what theme have the VIPs for the future? “My dream is to open his own dance school,” told professional dancer and “let’s dance”-Jurorin MOTSI Mabuse.

“I have a soft spot for all aesthetic”, so Sonya Kraus. “In terms of housing, food – and also in fashion. Therefore, fashion is important to me, but not huge, especially since I am MOM. At home I run around mostly child-friendly in jeans and T-shirt.” On this night, she had decided classic for the little black dress by S.Oliver.

The women were in the majority. But some prominent men celebrated with. Actor Tom Beck for example. How he does it with the fashion? “I lagging behind what’s that always a bit”, he confessed. “We men have it technical clothes easier. With a suit is always right. I personally wear like Einstecktücher”, as DJ mousse T.

Also involved: Actor Manuel Cortez, men model Christian de Edwin Walker, Dr. Daniel Terberger (textile company Katag; Husband of Duchess Elizabeth in Bayern).