Recap / / Fritz Hansen x Han Kjobenhavn – & Our Grand Prix “Shared Chair”

A Chair is a Chair is a Chair is a Chair – right? This statement exactly in the black is true for most of us. Conveniently he should be, to the Interior fit and the best reasonably priced therefore come. For many of us, a Chair is long no mere a preppy seating, but design history par Excellence. Who has addressed how we in the past few years a little closer with classics, which will be definitely not come around in addition to the usual suspects to a name: Arne Jacobsen. The architect and designer is responsible for a whole team of classic and is very ignorant even within your four walls. The Ant, the egg, the Swan, series 7 and the Grand Prix Chair belong to the most famous designer pieces from the House of Jacobsen – and with the latter, the 1957 were designed design, we little bit bypass cooperation Janes Fritz Hansen x due to the Han Kjobenhavn.

The task: we give you a Grand Prix Chair and may do with it what you want. Phew. And then? So we moved with Chair in the baggage through Berlin, met favorite people randomly and a date, shot Polaroids with them together with the Chair, and admitted she finally her name into the wood scratch – you know how lovers perpetuate in trees. The result? Our “shared chair”, the moved through Berlin < 3 and now together with his comrades aka the other interpretations issued:

from the Han Kjobenhavn x Fritz Hansen cooperation:

the “shared chair”

in addition to our own personal design, also our dear Mary by iGnant-style in Berlin and Clemens have sent their own interpretations in the race : While Mary was a knitted Camisole, Clemens turned suitable to his white Grand Prix “the beauty of shapes” a first class video completely in white. Three totally different posts, we of course fit also were allowed to perform last week x Fritz Hansen, on the street of the gate to the Fritz Hansen event in addition to the actual main attraction, the beautiful interpretations of Han Kjobenhavn. And today is ’ s for you the appropriate images in your luggage.

style in Berlin:

Who run us so in recent weeks Chair packed Berlin saw knows now why. We have learned one thing: it comes always in the conversation with Chair in the baggage – sure.


Beauty of shapes from iGNANT on Vimeo.

Some pictures from the night of the live “Dremel” (the carvings had to be tightened but neatly) and of the designs: fritz hansen jakob anton yasin photos mary grand prix chair holger

the entire installation will be in Germany by the way in the Fritz Hansen Showroom minimum on the 140 Torstrasse in Berlin presented by , before they very soon to Copenhagen in the Fritz Hansen’s house going.

Merci for this really super nice cooperation, their loved ones. A Chair is a Chair is a Chair is a Chair – just don’t.