The name suggests it actually – and yet we are all pretty gobsmacked, that campus 72 already has quite a few years under their belt: 42 years, to the just to say – because in 1972 it launched Marc O’Polo Polo as a younger brand of big brother on the market. Two years ago, the label was appointed to a stand-alone company – and a year ago took then to Torsten Widarzik as new CEO of the task, the company to position itself in the market. He got creative help here before about half a year by Ali Ansari. Torsten Widarzik as new CEO and Ali Ansari as head of design the label launches campus into a new phase: if not offense a lot, almost everything new and at the same time everything else. The brand has one goal, namely in particular: disciples become!

And where to convinced a bunch of journalists and colleagues the best of the latest alignment and the very first result. Ibiza, of course. Press days different – or: breathe in the sea air and in the spring/summer collection of 2015, that was shown us suitable to the topic on a Finca close to the beautiful city of Ibiza, accurate under the Magnifier take – and try on, of course. Said and done!

During our short trip in the summer, but not only the collection could be viewed, questions have been raised properly. The two aforementioned men have given us an insight into their new challenge and us reports but also by many further ideas and changes in the future. It has or had to change just something, because in the past, so Ali Ansari, much has been lost. There was no clear line and thus also the design suffered from.


Campus, so Torsten Widarzik, to finally be a brand that stands for an idea – and exactly who is now instilled a proper charge to identity. En top are designed for increased quality and a perfect fit. The upcoming spring/summer collection was a first step in this direction: “your life is your campus!”.

Ali Ansari and his team in terms of design were mainly materials and colors: while a large role as well as the mix of light and heavy materials, playing Jersey, knit and cotton as well as graphically placed prints. All this should be for a unique change and separation from Marc O’Polo. Progressive and younger, an attitude to life, which combined the two strategists Torsten and Ali with the time on a campus.


Torsten Widarzik and Ali Ansari stand this evening how two people in front of us, got nearly free hand by a large company and must thereby play like two guys. Of course not without a precise strategy and a concrete plan, all of this is further worked hard. Also in the future building of the brand to where be gewerkelt and screwed, with a team of 10 people. I’m impressed by the motivation and ambition, which is behind campus and the team.

The brand is so despite his years on the humpback until at the beginning: with a super friendly team, we were able to meet and great goals and visions, in which we could try Ibiza. We are more than excited goes which way campus and send behind a concentrated load of power.

Thank you for the insight and the great night – that got ‘ I then cooked!

Then looked our way with campus on Ibiza: my favourite outfits? – the blue jumpsuit and a jacket in the SS15 chic collection:


… Favorite place – Cala Benirrás:


And at the end: A few pictures from the shunted Lookbook for the summer 2015. Well, convinced of the convertible?

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