Only Mountain Grove, Now Hugo Boss

Sven Marquardt (52) is one of the most famous and toughest bouncer in one of the world’s best clubs, Berghain Berlin. His look is also known: numerous tattoos and dressed always black. Now, the Club icon fashion label Hugo Boss has designed a T-Shirt collection for that.

Otherwise looks nice. But as a bouncer, Sven Marquardt must be also nice. His door in the mountain Grove is considered to be the toughest in Berlin. Yet thousands are here every weekend. Only who says to Marquardt, which also comes in. Maybe are the odds immediately greater than that when you’re wearing a shirt of boss orange. The “Bouncer” and photographer has namely for the autumn / winter collection 2014/15 of the German fashion group three shirts – two for men, one for women – designed. Motifs, has photographed Marquardt itself are printed on it.

Mode a la Marquardt
The personal Marquardt’s look is easily described: he wears only black and numerous tattoos and piercings on the body. Similarly bleak, also his collection has failed. The black T-Shirts decorated with motifs of colleague bouncer and a horse’s head. The three photos are developed on behalf of Hugo Boss in March and part of an exhibition in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Marquardt said “I let the music inspired by the 1980s, especially from Depeche Mode”, then to “BZ”, through its exhibits. At the price of scarce ever 80 euro the three shirts are a limited-edition collection, online, incidentally, and available in stores worldwide by Hugo Boss.

Bouncer icon takes new paths
At the age of 52, it was for Marquardt evidently time to embark on new career paths. Beginning of August came his biography ‘ the night is life “(2014, Ullstein Verlag) on the market, anecdotes from the Berghain for much personal from his childhood in East Berlin and his education at the Deutsche film AG told is only right at the end, Marquardt describes how he as fourteen years completely “in the gay scene” popped off and ascended the mountain in the 1980s in the artist Bohemian in the district Prenzlauer. “I wanted to tell a history of Berlin”, as Marquardt’s official statement to the News Agency dpa. “I think that is my life for the Berlin of that time and for the Berlin of today – anyway a very little bit.” The result is referred to by the press as surprisingly touching.

The Berghain celebrates anniversary
Why a T-Shirt collection around the mountain Grove right now does make sense? The pressure is particularly strong at the moment: the Club celebrates tenth anniversary this year, also a photo exhibition in the mountain Grove is dedicated to the recent, acclaimed by years. And who can’t see this, because he does not over at Marquardt, can console themselves from now at least with a T-Shirt.