“Not Cold My Heart, You’Re My Bacon” at Zara and Other 11 T-Shirts That Would Never Think to See

Today I have a new target to meet: meet the designer that this shirt came from Zara with the text”Don’t fry my heart. You are my bacon”(Not cold my heart. You’re my bacon). Unfortunately, Inditex is a bunker and in the family everything is collective and the original signature is lost along the way, but responsible for a design deserves already collect the annual bonus. This is one of the 17 shirts that you would never think see in a store, but there they are, challenging, taking fashion with humor. Small idols from season.

Don’t fry my heart, you are my bacon

Imagine that the phrase says it Ryan Gosling in the more pastelosa ‘El Diario de Noa’ rain, imagine if Bécquer had discovered that fried egg and bacon in the 19th century combined with stripes, adios to those green eyes by an empache of rich fat. As well, at the end may be up to Velázquez behind origin with its ‘old woman cooking eggs’. Now stop imagining and watch Zara design by 9,95 EUR.

A Flounder sexy

The Peter Pan syndrome this time is changed by the syndrome of the Little Mermaid in order to rescue one of his characters. Flounder out from under the sea to this crop top sexy of Primark (8 euros). A new life that counteracts with the neglect of this type of prints once you grow a little, to then rescue them once more missing children.

The tacky Barbie

It is that the trick works Jeremy Scott for making the joke at Moschino. A new stage you need a pop reference to rescue once more. The funny thing comes after, with industry cloning without compromise many of his creations and taking them aside even more tacky that is would not be not their own Barbie , as Asos. By 33,99 EUR.

3 + 3 = do Chanel?

The clones have to be careful with what inspiration have closely because if they passed to the scope of the logos it is playing with fire and trademarks. So if you can not cross two ces letters to have the French memory of Chanel then try to do it with two three giants. Even with the circle around (this time tweaked). At H & M, by 9,99 EUR.

The dictionary up

It would have to put a law which even days touching look one definition of the dictionary in shirt. Both see him down the street we enrichment us more and learn instantly. The definitions have become temples of wisdom which tell us what means “tomorrow” (tomorrow) to t-shirts from Adolescent Clothing (and other brands). By 24.99 EUR.

Crazy cats

If a few years ago someone put a t-shirt with the image of her cat big to wear it proud had just turned into the Simpsons cats crazy. Today that barrier no longer exists, cats rule, are everywhere, and if up put them in large letters the word “cute” (cute) then there is a kitsch worrying attack. Pull & Bear wants to encourage you to do so. By 7,99 EUR.

100% personal and mass

Nonconformity caught by clips of so many deep and written messages on t-shirts often has an internal banter. Especially those which refer to a person who wants to stand out from the mass. “While it is” 100% authentic, 100% myself “, with a message that puts”copies and imitations are forbidden”, Bershka decides to commercialize this so personal t-shirt at the massive level for 5.99 euros in a brand full of clones.


It seems that you write all the time with #hashtags. That not can you think of another thing to the #alhomadilla. Photo, two words and thirty #conceptos. The hashtag has done more for the cult of synonymous to many books. But no, they are unnecessary. So you have to kill them from the inside. ASOS knows it: #unnecessary #hashtags. By 24.99 EUR.

It is or is not a clone?

You can move it to heads or tails. Original or fake? 10 or? 149 euros? After so many clones can that Moschino have entered you want to take it with banter and write in their own creations: “This is not a Moschino t-shirt”. So no more thinking about what will be the next pop icon to retouch.

The macro of washing

We know that you don’t want to wear glasses, which you resist, but it is high time that you admit that you don’t see anything. When shirts become an instruction manual to see how to wash them then the diopters are worrying. And Criminal Damage helps you with that macroetiqueta of wash. By 47,99 EUR.


“Life is too short to wear boring clothing”, but I choose a basic white t-shirt with a deep message in uppercase and black because I am the soul of the Party (and irony).” In handle for 12,99 EUR.

Defendant joke

So joke with cloned t-shirts and fake logos can end badly. If you don’t have a legal team so big and ready as many textile companies of low cost tribunals are no joke. Except when Yves Saint Laurent It is on the other side. So it’s been with shirt”Ain’t Laurent without Yves”he went after the abrupt change of course by Hedi Slimane, taking advantage of the nod to the change of the brand name. By the time Luxury Good International (the company which owns the YSL brand) has sued the company About What Yves and its founder, Jeanine Hellier, for violating the trademark, false designation of origin and unfair competition.