Until the last moment I was doubting it. I did not know whether include or not Mischa Barton with this look that you participate in the tacky bowling alley in January prize or leave it be. In the end, it left me more rebel vein and I decided to include it. What would a prize as well without one of its greatest representatives? A ruin.

And why no shortage of candidates at this point. The first edition and the level is very high, I think that I am not mistaken if I say that few know by what opting clearly. Some opt for Lady Gaga, others by Courtney Love, while the two last candidates, Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne have won many integers.

The entrance of the American actress It has been given by its styling to the front row of Christian Dior Couture, which I was also tempted include but both loved the dress that could not do such an attack by very bad to her, take him. Now well, in this look if that was not saved.

And returns to pass. The is not entirely bad, it is not the most abominable thing in the world, but she his input carries it fatal, hence. Who in their right mind would be one Pamela white with some converse black and white? Tie style casual and carefree with a shelter until the black soil, not to mention what can be that has been hanging arm.

This girl has no style or class to carry the best model of the world. So, to the Dungeon with her. You’re nominated!