Mischa Barton, Dita Von Teese and Other Celebrities Pose for Jezebel in Paris

I’m not The Sartorialist. I know. So what of posing, technically, so to speak. But grace is that one has become improvised photographer of the overnight, and fight with the professionals and their enormous cameras, should be a national sport.

In this type of event two kinds of celebrities, that they lowered their Mercedes and kindly posing for the press, and that parking the car as far as possible to make how arriving on foot and with great hurry.

The latter is the case of Mischa Barton, that or one of the professionals gathered at the parade of Elie Saab was able to recognize, only I, and two kind editors of Elle France, obviously, Mischa, that He challenged the bad weather with a strapless dress (Elie Saab) blue color, and its huge rayban, without socks, and a lot of heel, was not so kind stand or a just second and went shooting and rauda.

I must say that it is a piece of mujeron, much slimmer than it appears, and with a beautiful hair, very high, although it sounds like a ad. That Yes, you still need to pull air of diva to draw attention.

Dita Von Teese, on the contrary, is pure glamour, pass beside her is like back forty years ago, and when one has it front seems completely unreal: it is white to pale, has a skin that looks like porcelain, and black, you feel great. No smiles, no gestures, but it is fantastic.

Very Petite, and with impossible heels (not exaggerating when I tell you that ninety per cent of the women I saw they wore Louboutin), wore a beautiful suit, with collar and sleeves making an origami, to handsome effect whatever it was Dior (because not is Elie Saab also).

ELSA Pataky It could be perfectly our tacky bowling alley in February (which I see that the space is more than covered in January), because really, the girl has a bad taste. Delivery is all when poses in hot spots, we note that leads him in blood, made, it is their trump card because if it wasn’t for his tremendous photogenic, it would happen pretty despercibida. I assure you that had a horrific, damask dress in shades of sand and silhouette tube, and a black leather jacket from senorona, was fatal, cheap wedding. A horror.

Luckily that Jean Paul Gaultier parade was changed (here you see it blurred and back).

Nothing to do with Géraldine Saglio (remember?), the girl is espigadisima and very normalita’s face, but it is indisputable that it has style because it was flawless with a beautiful black coat, a mini minimum, musketeer and his cross Chanel boots.

They were also Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld, the first is little graceful and antipatica (to give you an idea of how things in Haute Couture work, had trouble entering the parade of Gaultier), and the second, so stretched as it seems and much lower than it appears.

Lou Douillon It is not not lack pretty which makes it, because it is a chic beauty does not give you; a simple male suit and a t-shirt medium haraposa and given neck turned it into the most elegant place.

And so far my photographic report, there were more celebrities, such as Olga Kurylenko, Kanye West (with white suit and carded animal hair), Catherine Deneuve o Kylie Minogue (without Andrés Velencoso …), but resisted my camera.