Miley Cyrus Proposes His Style for The January Bowling Tacky

Draws near the end of January and with it approaches also close candidates for our prize bowling tacky. But before it reaches the 31 pass through the section some more names in order to make competition to those who are already in the list of worst dressed.

Show that hair could also be a complement for Lady Gaga brought a series of recommendations on the part of our commentators so anadiesemos to list those names. Among them was indispensable, Miley Cyrus, that so far it had not gone through here. Thanks to Kathya21 the young of Disney presents candidacy.

The style for the occasion is most suitable. Come on, that if prepares further, not even reach this level of bad taste. We started by calling more attention: the half broken. Other colleagues who could pass through here, like Lindsay Lohan, have already made their attempt although it’s Cyrus is taste directly by a big tomato, as my grandmother would.

It is one thing to take a broken minimum, a small tare, and another is a surface circles, Scissor cut and placed exactly there. That’s bad taste.

After the election of a beige skirt covered almost in its entirety by a Iron Maiden t-shirt (what difference to how it led her Drew Barrymore) that although hit with black stockings and even the blue remaining (by stamping) continues to be a bland t-shirt.

But the best, along with stockings, is in the bolso-botas game. For the first blue power and for the second, some suede boots with straps, very “ best ” to complement the tomatoes of stockings.

And if we already add the plant to the end result, we have a serious candidate, which could unseat Paris Hilton, Courtney Love and even Katy Perry.

The hypothesis of this occasion: Miley Cyrus I was looking for a touch of defiance in his style as “ unique ” and it had to do with nature: a plant and several tomatoes.