Memories and Wanderings of a Man Wearing Pajamas

Who has not wanted to ever forget their obligations and stay all day in their pajamas? I bet you are not an exception, but for the protagonist of the story that concerns us today, pajamas are more than just that; It is a philosophy of life.

Memories and Wanderings of a Man Wearing Pajamas

Today I will review the comics Memoirs of a man in pajamas and Andanzas of a man in pajamas , both compilations of cartoons published in”Las Provincias” and “El País weekly”, by Paco Roca himself, winner in 2008 of a national comic prize For his graphic novel Arrugas , who two years ago had his review on the blog (one of those reviews of our first days of life that I am ashamed to read 🙂

I am pleased to announce that we have prepared an interview with this author that we will publish in the coming weeks (maybe it is not this, because I have a very special project for Thursday, does that date sound?), But do not distract us from what Play today The stories of the man in pajamas narrate everyday life situations of a forty-year-old who likes to spend the day working at home … in pajamas, which is actually a reflection of the author himself (although we all know that reflexes never represent Exactly the reality …). In this way, he presents reflections with a lot of humor that “appeal more to laughter than to laughter”, as the synopsis suggests.

Synopsis: Our unnamed protagonist has taken forty years to fulfill his childhood dream, but it can not be said that he did not try; Has managed to stay all day in pajamas. But to use throughout the day the clothing that we usually relegate to sleep is only a side effect of the crisis of the forties. It is time to reflect and rethink your life and the order of the universe, the functioning of a stable relationship, the sect of the parents, which means becoming greater … and of course the really important reflections; The toilet paper never has to hang in, there are those who were not born to get suit and the social contempt for the short has given rise to some of the most important war conflicts in history. An afternoon in pajamas, it gives a lot to think about…

Synopsis: The stories of man in pajamas evolve and move to a wider format, with stories that, starting from the same premise, narrate much deeper but equally habitual concerns of the iconic man’s pajamas. The holidays … are they really a time of relaxation? Is anyone able to understand the operation of lights in hotels? Are the Germans destroying our economy to lower the cost of their vacation?What the telemarketers unite, do not separate the man … and almost forgot to mention all those comics that go over the routine of a cartoonist with a promising career and many stories to tell … Now, it’s time to laugh at Laughter. Personal opinion: “Memories” and “Andanzas” are two very similar works and very different at the same time that complement each other perfectly. Both rotate on the same axis but in two very different formats and with different ways of telling what the author is interested in transmitting. Paco Roca has created a very charismatic character that, in a way, is a reflection of itself. To narrate his experiences he has been inspired by his own experiences, and those of those around him, endowing the work with a realism that he could not acquire in any other way. But we must differentiate fiction from reality, and Paco and man in pajamas are not exactly the same person. We could say that the protagonist of this comic is the author we know, in a parallel universe, that has taken on a life of its own as any character who boasts. As the author himself told us in the interview (exclusive progress!); “At first it was my voice, but it has become more and more an independent character. When I want it, it’s totally autobiographical, and when I want it, I can get a little bit with him.”

In both works we can see situations in the everyday life of any man (of any human being I would say), as well as episodes focused on his life as an artist. When you read it together, you will not only feel identified with many of the “chickens you mount”, but you will be able to appreciate its different creative stages and concerns as a creator about the series. Actually those are the most interesting cartoons for me, who resort also has witty gags to tell what goes through his head, the frustration of going through a creative block, of putting an end to a work, of understanding the industry, of That confuse him by his character … And that he feels so bad the suit. Because there are those who have been born to wear clothes, and there are those who do not, and the only possible cause that has received the 2008 National Award is that the jury has estimated that it is the man who is worst suits of all candidates. Did you really believe that it was the inimitable quality of his work that had made him win?

After what happened in Memories of a man in pajamas , the new format of Andanzas of a plus size man in sleepwear (track  gives a twist to the formula already known, resulting in a thousand times better stories than the previous, double page and With more vignettes, as well as a more voluble distribution of the same ones.

And not only that. While the humor of the first part, “appeals more to the smile than to the laughter,” I, personally, with the second compilation I laughed out loud. Before the doubt is the one that I more recommend (although it is always better to read the two!). The new twist and the remarkable evolution of the way of narrating give it a fresh air, and the theme takes a step forward in favor of much more profound and interesting vignettes, like the one you see in the sample below, or those that I have Mentioned in the synopsis. But if I made a list of the most outstanding, I would hardly exclude a couple of them …

The prologue itself augurs a powerful comic, because in its two pages of extension it justifies why the book is unproductive and does not need a prologue. Curious, right?

This edition also includes an incentive for those who would have already enjoyed when the cartoons were originally published in El País Semanal; An unprecedented 12-page extra in which the author knows his own of the future and the past. What would you think of your past self? What will your future self think of you?

In short, the saga of the man in pajamas is an essential for your shelves. Let’s pray because “Chronicles of a man in pajamas” (improvised title made in Lectureka! ) Arrives soon …

Attributes: SI.DRA  (See dictionary of invented acronyms)
I liked it as much as: Thom (Andrés Meixide)
Note: 8,88 (lately I get along well with the decimals)
We’re going to the movies!

There may be no news of a third compilation, but the man’s adventures in his pajamas are not over yet. Soon they will come to the cinema! A few weeks ago began the recording of the film adaptation of the cartoons, whose provisional title is “A man in pajamas”, and will premiere, as planned, in 2017.

It will be an animated film directed by… the very Paco Roca! After receiving a Goya for the script of the film “Wrinkles”, his most reputed work, this time assumes the role of director, but also as a screenwriter. And who will be in charge of giving voice to his character? Raúl Arévalo! The actor of the prestigious production “La Isla Mínima” that triumphed in the last edition of the Goya will be who of life to the personage who is, somehow, its own director… in which mess has gotten.