London Tip & Recap House of Vans London

To be honest, I understand itself roughly as much as by drills of skating. In short: Not much. At some point I introduced myself on the skateboard of a good friend and I was pretty sure that his light-footed Fuchteleien and his Olli on the rolling Board may be not so hard. A stupid mistake, what a few seconds already confirmed my bleeding knee. Now I found myself so in the role of skater boy-fan gang anhimmelnden, somewhere on a schoolyard – course in the genuine „ skaters look “ and every day punctually at four. The news-location changed at some point, moved the boys troupe, but one remained: the love for vans, we have rubbed you already so many times under the nose – even if we can throw us for authenticity reasons not every day on the Board.

Strictly speaking it is, of course: vans + skating together like Marmalade bread and butter, such as pitch and sulfur and Hans and Franz among Heidi – because you can not shake and we’re not even trying. Inseparable lovers just, that conquered the world together now for more than five decades. A tribute to himself celebrated the fire for a few years with his legendary House of vans that asks not just most loyal fans and skate pros from around the world at the opening, but also opens the door to non-skaters and vans lovers. This time went to London, the latest, 3000 m ² in a labyrintartiges system of tunnels beneath Waterloo Station aka big House of vans. Bigger and better – is so promised. So recommended a look? Corn oui:

The vans force.

I don’t know exactly who in the House of vans constantly moves these insane ideas out of your head, but more impressive is ’ s hardly. Now a big maze underground waiting for us aka: the vans universe consisting of a Skate Park, which impresses even me pretty, rooms full of art installations and music.

HOV LDN HOV LDN gig space lit reception HOV LDN cinema HOV LDN gallery HOV LDN mini ramps HOV LDN street section House of vans launch night by Sam Mellish LBF_3050 House of vans launch night by Sam Mellish HOV LDN bowl2 HOV LDN corridor HOV LDN bowl

But of course are no House of vans without accompanying mega party: Last Thursday Mastermind Steve Van Doren himself opened the underground Temple, the Gallery of the exhibition “Scissors & glue”, which the do-it-yourself culture pays creative tribute and the four artists Studios, where also in future be held workshops, and gave the go-ahead to the Skate session. And what about the music? For the fine pearls here in Berlin the Hip-Hop dudes public enemy dug vans this time out of the hat, as well as Dinosaur Jr, Roots Manuva and Toddla T, savage and Illume sphere. But that’s what you look best yet the video out above.

Hov LDN public Enemy2 HOV LDN pubic enemy – House of vans launch night by Sam Mellish House of vans launch night by Sam Mellish wall

Long story, short of it: since the weekend you may also stop by. And it seems worthwhile. In any case, the entire program is waiting for you here.

Saturday 10:00 to 20:00
Sunday 10:00 to 18:00
(Montag und Dienstag geschlossen)
Wednesday and Thursday 16:00 to 22:00
Friday 12:00 to 22:00

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