Logs From The (Love) Life / / Indicating That A Man Is Sometimes Not Enough

Kiki sits in a Cafe next to me, waking eyes, long dark hair, a neat side parting, but worry lines on the forehead. Can I borrow just the sugar? She asks me while her friend is getting louder and is busy to gasp for air: you have to decide, for God’s sake. What I would do in actually this history as nurse’s whispering me contrary. I listen for an hour – the beginning of “protocols from the life of”. I date with Kiki, same place, same time, just two days later. And it starts again from the beginning:

“It is however, the half life is about finding the right partner, to be eventually domesticated, to get children and forever as a couple to be. I would but quite honestly prefer Threesomes. What is a problem, because our socialization, you need to find for the first time someone who understands this, let alone makes. It all started really with my ex boyfriend. We were a dream team, but at some point he asked me whether I might imagine, at others to sleep with, he not, thinking sometimes itself, because the Act itself with me he would find not wonderful, but because after much back and forth, saw a that leads monogamy at some point inevitably to page jumps, I should just take a look at the statistics of this Kinky world.

“All do this, sooner or later, but no one talks about it, so running the rabbit from the mouse.” In the truest sense of the word, two months later I ended the relationship. I believe in the great love, I swore at the time I, and this Urquatsch he can tell his mates, but not me. It was followed by a phenomenal time of single life, at the same time the wedding bells began in the circle of friends but to people. And then something strange happened: after all known gave a me more and more pure wines. Over the years, that doubts, but that actually each of my girlfriends happy awarded basically felt suddenly like, forbidden Rascal cravings, wondered at times difficult. That was it, that you really truly love, but “Oh Kiki, if I could make out like you but also from time to time, just because it is fun and then Tschaui.” the spin, I thought. Until I met Ben, who somehow skidded at the wrong time in my life. I had namely just getting used to my new freedom and could imagine anything – to bind firmly out of me. Well, Pandey, against being in love is so powerless. The only problem: Ben is as one that carries me on hands, none for dips in the pool tack, but. Everything else is perfect, really true.

Anyway, I’m sitting here now and remember the words of my ex-boyfriend’s emigrated to Cologne. When I’m deep tapping into me, I must do, indeed, that no single man I had ever loved, it had on it, to satisfy me in all respects. Something is always missing, that is human, perfection does exist only in Hollywood. So butter on the fish: I don’t know whether I believe in open relationships, which seems strange, constantly to hurl his tongue through foreign mouths. But as a three construct, which makes sense to me somehow unexpectedly. If a gap exists always somewhere, it’s probably smart to stuff them before you start to go back out of frustration. I got it at the beginning you get with rose-colored glasses and stuff like that not much of the deficits, but after a few years, it happens relatively often. Tilda Swinton, the old Artful Dodger, has early recognized the dilemma and winds since then quite openly with four strong arms at her side through life. Why also not, worth maybe a try. Just nobody understands that, of course, is not something like that Yes. But once it would be more honest. I imagine so that: on the one hand, Ben is the soft there. A few weeks ago a gentleman stumbled one of the wild variety, which is more artist than everyday material, but has so many attractions, but with long hair and a guitar in my life, the resist is difficult. And also hits it exactly in the notch, so has this little subtleties that I miss in the current Prince. Just want I also never miss the, become old together would be even conceivable. Please dear universe, but an answer to all my questions so send me, I is no longer come on.

The strongest argument of each friend: then, Ben is just not right. According to this logic no one would be the right thing, but for me, nor for my girlfriends. Well, then you must make compromises, you just can’t have everything, then follows. But the idea is it really? I think maybe it’s time to rethink rusty structures, not free any second marriage is divorced and all that. Maybe we need to make us finally loose. So that not just anyone should be as he or she wants to, but can also decide what kind of relationship is the most appropriate. Each Gav is finally different. Maybe klappts then again sometime with good being, even double bubble.”

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