You remember but still our London trip in may? Went for 15 hours ’ s in the last month in the British capital and the small trip had just one exciting reason: Georgia may Jagger in the current campaign shoot by reserved personally to meet and to hold everything up close behind the scenes for you. Sounds simple – it was not. Because actually we at all do not belong to the Group of fan girls who bring a straight set out more in such situations, debil smile and alternately just staring, instead of sympathetic loose to snap and even a little bit around to joke. But nothing there: Georgia made US speechless: shy kind, incredible beauty with simultaneous „ girl next door “- and „ power girl “-occurring. Down and away – sustainable. We, fan girls? Jupps. 

But what would a London trip without mini hooks? One without us. At the airport you wanted to not go back give my I.d. Me (was that last year stolen and recovered = problem), London made completely impossible for a taxi ride and the Thunder in the air made almost sure that finally even the flight home was on the dump. Hurray!

All’s well ends well, – at least almost: new card is ordered, Georgia was photographed by us in record time, spread best mood and even flights could still be done despite severe weather warning – however, it was no longer enough for an interview.

That reserved however has a pretty nifty knack for choosing its brand ambassadors, should be noticed long ago: Freja Beha Erichsen, Julia Stegner, Cara Delevingne, Sasha Pivovarova and Frida Gustavsson fits the beautiful Georgia anyway, like the fist on the eye and the current collection: woman strong and romantic at the same time.


The online store of fashion retailers by the way, today opened German and coasts in the autumn also finally in our inner cities: first and foremost after Stuttgart, Hannover, Bremen and Recklinghausen. But don’t worry, the other cities should also follow. Before then, we want to not denied but one:

The pictures of the big launch party here in Berlin during fashion week. There ’ s not just a sneak peak of the winter collection to examine, but also beautiful people such as cream sandwiches Georgia may Jagger together with cream cream cuts of Elyas M’Barek, the actresses Anna Maria Muehe and Mina Tander, model Eva Padberg and Mrs Franziska Knuppe, the band of the evening Oh country – and yet many more:

In friendly cooperation with reserved.