That not, that the famous do not learn. As much as we criticize their styles, as much as let’s overland Chanel / thousand layers search, they continue and continue. Apparently, rumours being heard out there, they want to become part of the nominees to our prize bowling tacky, and so dressed up as well.

No if so, what justifies this new styling? What it leads a woman to do such atrocity with your hairstyle? Theories can be various. I opt for two, to which most absurd, since this style has no where to take it. The first: Lady Gaga, that is who offers us this look, he misses his beloved dog called Lulu that was the typical poodle that she was doing his experiments of bows.

The second: it sought in her huge wardrobe a beautiful loop, game with the white set and not find him because he lost inside it, he decided to call your stylist of the day and which do you like hairstyle.

Either of the two hypotheses could explain that someone carried a loop made with your own hair, and that he then bets by a combination of little lucid.

I am rooting for the first theory, though it is possible the influence of Minnie Mouse in his style. What is your hypothesis?