If I get lost in the organic market with me around the corner, the wiry Prenzlauer Berg meet mums with their Ruddy kids most every cliche, what I so by eco. I want to always tap and ask: „ this stuff is what to buy here is really that much better? Better for whom? For me, for the planet, for mankind or the purse strings of the bio industry? “ I’m completely overwhelmed with the range of foods and pseudo-healthy diets that haunt the shelves and newspapers. As for now? Vegan? Raw? Gluten-free? Or simply so as just falls in your shopping basket? Time to bring more light into the dark.

first stage of my new journey – I visit the botanical salon in Berlin Treptow. Recently, ELA Papen and Jana Plewa operate this space, a cooking school for healthy eating in a show inspired by the French way of life, where you are exchanging and learning what foods, what preparation techniques and what natural tricks well do the body. I suppose the promising track “Smoothies – botanical breakfast” part and take the opportunity between selfmade Chia pudding, wild Herbalism and „ raw chocolate Tiger nut milk “ – a few tough questions about times to manufacture, to ELA – and ELA answer peppered back:

Scalamari Jane: In the Ernahrungsjungle, it is extremely difficult to see – more, nobody knows what is best for the body and the environment – what is the wisest form of nutrition for you and why?

ELA: The best form of nutrition is that relieves the body and available provides him the nutrients he needs and can optimally exploit. 100% uncontaminated natural products as fresh and natural as possible, minimally processed RAW with much amount of green (chlorophyll) and valuable mineral-rich elixirs,.

With this form of nutrition is a sign for the protection of natural resources at the same time. Pure water, clean air, rich in mineral soil (humus), which is the essence of ur healthy food and living a long healthy life.

Scalamari: what is RAW food out?

ELA: raw food means extremely high product quality. A fresh, natural, nutrient-rich food when not around has been tampered with. This is now no longer easy to find. It is processed, focused, refined, bleached, irradiated, sprayed, deodorizes, hardened, chemically altered, enriched with artificial additives etc. Essential vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients are lost. Our body swallows the food of art and us attempts his distaste with characters such as fatigue, poor skin, obesity, high blood pressure, lack of energy, allergies, to indicate disease. We understand the signals not merely because we no longer know how our own body.

Scalamari: what are super food? What can you?

ELA: Super food on smallest space are filled with antioxidants and nutrients – high nutrient density is called that. A small amount is sufficient for the whole day. Usually, they include also vital nutrients are today completely missing the most food. To them belong for example: Chia, maca, Moringa, Goji, nettle seeds, or raw cocoa.

Scalamari: teaches you you is also an alternative to the conventional sandwich or pasta – gluten and all-purpose flour is really that bad?

PA: If the plants were still so we a hundred years ago, they’d be for us still tolerated. But it took place varieties for a more efficient production. Plants today have a much higher proportion of gluten, for among others machines the dough better can handle, but not us people. We have complaints, but do not even know that we suffer from food intolerance.

Scalamari: I have learned with you that tofu and soy milk per se are not the meat substitute guru or milk substitutes and tofu as well as dairy products under circumstances can totally be banana – you can eat what ever else and above all: I will then fed up of it?

Vegan is a trend and the industry successfully served him with a ready replacement products. Who eats it, feeds mostly on one side. No matter how the finished product looks like, the main ingredient is mainly soy. Soy is traditionally processed over very long periods of time (by weeks of years) and fermented. As a result, incompatible substances will be dismantled. Industrial, even genetically modified soy products have happened.

There is a huge selection of healthy food, making much better done as much familiar. So can be delicious and refreshing manner with lively food, your body strengthened dishes, fresh green leaf tonics and smoothies, cleaned and refreshed. The day can be met more efficiently with more energy, concentration and composure. The world is big and the world of botanical Detox cuisine huge!

Scalamari: to what extent it is different you with your courses and offers trend diets such as paleo, low-carb, etc?

It’s not about us a trend or a diet. Detox, raw food and the botanical cuisine are the natural food of the future. It’s going to quite simple the rediscovery and the value of the natural cycles (in the body and in nature).

Scalamari: healthy diet – you have 3 helpful tips to get you started?

1 extruded sheet green, as fresh juice, in a green smoothie or as salad and lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.
2 avoid finished products and eat, where few speak out the additives allow.
3. with all relaxed stay and enjoy life.

Scalamari: looks like my culinary day – what could be the alternative?

Breakfast: bread rolls with plum jam to a glass coffee
Lunch: Caesar salad and a diet Coke
dinner: pasta Cabonara and a glass of white wine

breakfast: breakfast is very acid forming, low in nutrients and makes you hungry again after a short time. Better: First drink. A large glass of freshly squeezed lemon and a pinch of Cayenne. This cleans and makes the body alkaline. Then a large green smoothie. Which is lastingly satisfied, full of nutrients and also fundamentally affects the body.

Lunch: Drink always before eating, not, which would dilute the stomach acid and makes digestion more difficult. A freshly squeezed juice of Green would be perfect. Then a large salad of your choice with homemade dressing, or simple with freshly squeezed lemon juice and a dash of NAMA-Tamari.

Dinner: fresh vegetable sticks in the Nori wrap, to a delicious homemade dip black Tahin, miso, and zucchini.

Instead of white wine prefer red wine. Even more pure, filtered water.

Watch throughout the day on sufficient intake of minerals, organic dissolved form suitable for the body.

Love PA Thank you for this interesting interview.

Conclusion: by the “corn flakes” breakfast alternatives conjured by us I was surprised until done to. Really tasty and not anchored in terms of eco fad like in my head of prejudice. The homemade Chia pudding and the wild herbs Smoothie gave me power up in the afternoon and I was really long tired and not at all tired how so often. I will now try to go deeper into the matter of healthy, balanced diet and keep you up to date.