Infallible Looks, to Show Off The Beach to The Bar

The summer plans I love them. You know where to start but not where you finish. A quiet day at the beach may end in the Beach bar taking an ice cream, or enjoying a drink for the evening. And with these great plans ahead, we cannot go to the beach with any old and assigned Jersey but we have to take care of what we are.

It is not going to the beach with a heel, but a good wedges they are great for a colorful dress.

The shorts they are basic to the beach, but instead of taking them with a t-shirt of straps, try to take them with a top with shoulders to the air. The handkerchief to the head can serve to disguise the hair uncombed after the day at the beach.

Provided that the shirt It is fine, it can serve for summer, especially for the difficult summer in the North. Take it removed for a casual look.

But as this summer what peta it is to wear the swimsuit also down the street, you can have a nice crochet bikini as a top.