If Vogue UK Says That Already Not Be Takes The Neckline Which Means That We Must Do?

Vogue UK says that the neckline has died, and the fashion world has been shouting in Heaven what that means? A war of big breasts against small breasts? In reality, what they say is that attention no longer focuses both on the neckline and red carpet dresses now they have the role to other parts of the female anatomy, both shoulders, back, stomach and legs. Also the push-up Bras seem to have its days numbered.

If we look at the latest photos of the famous, they continue deep necklines Vee in any photocall and red carpet. What you There is so much interest because the breasts appear larger than they are stuffed with push-up effect.

Let’s say that It is now takes the natural breast, If you have small, Super, is gorgeous with cleavage, and if you’re so great, fantastic also. You can take a dizzying neckline or something more decent, depending on what you want that day.

This new trend is due in part to the uncomfortable comments that provoked the most revealing necklines on social networks, focused more on the chest than in dress or in the performance of the actress or singer of the moment.

So finally just the tyranny of the neckline which seems that it is about to burst, uncomfortable fillings, the rings that dig, and in their place we will choose lingerie that is much more comfortable to wear, such as the triangular clips. Even, We cannot forget the BRA, so usually carry the slip dresses and dresses for style lencero.

That Yes, sure there are women who still insist on that you don’t look them in the eyes.