How to Combine Prints: Learn These 5 Secrets and Stay Stylish

Are there days when it takes inspiration to choose what to wear? Do you always end up resorting to those key pieces, usually neutral and smooth colors? Yes, this is a common problem, however much the closet is filled with colorful and cheerful options.

How to Combine Prints Learn These 5 Secrets and Stay Stylish

The solution to eliminate this obstacle of your life is to learn how to combine prints. This element plays an important role in any production, whether classical, casual or informal. But you have to be careful, since the designs bring a lot of information and can easily transform elegance into exaggeration.

The prints are the sure bet to give a look at the look. Even being overweight, it is possible to make very tasteful combinations. Thinking of helping you dare a little more, we’ve prepared 5 foolproof tips to coordinate these pieces with the options available in your wardrobe. Check out!

1. Printed Blouses

There are some widely spread myths that end up creating resistance, especially in us, plus size women. Although many say otherwise, there is no ban on the use of stamps. However, there are some tricks to ensure suitability.

You can start with the blouses and shirts in this style, since this proposal is easier to insert into the day-to-day. As the key piece of production will be on the upper body, to complement, wear a pair of jeans from your favorite model.

An interesting idea is to combine the colors of a floral design with a smooth piece. The dancer pants or even skirts of varied models – pencil, midi or peplum – are recommended to put together a look that will work to happy hour.

2. Printed trousers

Most often, chubby women prefer to wear prints on the bottom of their clothing. However, it is possible to diversify by doing the reverse.

Try wearing, for example, pants with jaguar designs and body-fit modeling. Another stylish choice is the stripes. This pattern is very easy to combine, especially when the features are more discreet and narrow.

3. Coordinated drawings

Printed clothes with similar designs and in the same color chart are a great proposal to form a different set.

The third piece is very welcome to increase a plus size look. Think about the possibility of using a regatinha with a cardigan in composition. In addition to being charming, the printed sets are aesthetically pleasing and are great for changing the habits.

4. Different Sizes

Playing with the proportion of the prints is also an alternative to sweep! Incredibly, different sizes give you more of a chance to balance your outfits and become more interesting when colors are neutral, such as classic and timeless black and white.

Think of compositions with stripes, plaid or graphic prints in B & W. Thus, you can give a new face to your productions, while valuing the curves of your body !

5. Mix of prints

There is a variety also recommended for those who are overweight and feel safer to get away from the ordinary without dispensing the good taste.

Believe me, different prints generate a modern and interesting production. Want an appropriate example? Bet on a blouse with delicate flowers to wear with a skirt of asymmetrical stripes. The concept is to merge a discrete pattern with a more striking one. A different option that does not overwhelm the look!

Well, now that you know how to combine prints, write down one more information: when wearing a piece with drawings, combine with a blouse, pants, skirt or plain dress. That way, there is no risk of weighing the look and you stay well tidy.

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