So newly departing from oven burning, care. 30 January and missing two candidates to close the official prize list tacky bowling alley of this month. Today will be the penultimate and am responsible for closing the list. My friend Laia Cenea has just returned from Paris to enjoy the best parades of Haute Couture and brings us the exclusive of the style of ELSA Pataky in the capital of fashion.

With a flat half Laia portrayed a so particular style that I had pain in sight. The detail of the blue van and the Green container behind the actress is also a professional photographer, as it has created David Sims for Balenciaga’s own. Here the conceptual cube Green is replaced by the container, Builder element of the scene with the Laia sought to convey what little they liked the look. An artist, Let’s go.

And as she has been responsible for bringing us the exclusive, I’m best with his words to describe to ELSA Pataky:

If it were not for his tremendous photogenic, it would happen pretty despercibida. I assure you that had a horrific, damask dress in shades of sand and silhouette tube, and a black leather jacket from senorona, was fatal, cheap wedding. A horror.

Little more than add don’t believe? Well come, going, only the baby squid. The pose that was portrayed is worthy of praise. Pure pose of actress mala, which smiles and does not transmit anything, just low class and up to bad taste because the nod to eroticism is bad.

The first Spanish candidate passing by the Tacky bowling and he does it with great chances of winning, while Miley Cyrus is very strong in the list. The Paris fashion week because he has left us two candidates, what will be next?