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What to give for Valentine’s Day? Jewelry glamor and absolutely romantic.perfect gifts, with clean lines and a unique design and a truly original.

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and for those who are still looking for the gift of dreams, the one that leaves you speechless, the new proposals of Bros Manifatture are revealed as the perfect thought to express feelings of love and affection to your loved one.

Bros Manifatture, owner of the mark Brosway offers for Valentine’s Day a new capsules refined and trendy collection, confirming once again as a creative brand, original and up to date.

For new proposals dedicated to love, the Italian jewelry brand offers three different lines:Romeo & Juliet by Brosway Jewels, Infinity by s’agapò and My Secret signed Rosato jewels, creating a youthful collection, chic and bright.

These new lines skillfully combine the clean, linear design with innovation, thus creatingjewelry chic and dreamy, ideal to embellish your set on the day of Valentine’s Day and spend a fabulous evening with the person of your heart.

Romeo&Juliet – Brosway Jewels

Romeo & Juliet symbols of love and marriage stronger and unbreakable, this is what expresses the line of jewelry Romeo & Juliet of Brosway Jewels. Unique and romantic valuable to show off a refined look, ethereal and dreamy Valentine’s day.

This line includes fabulous steel necklaces embellished with a cascade of crystal Swarovski Elements. In addition, to make the decoration is unique with two circles these precious pendants stuck into each other to represent the union of two souls into one.

These necklaces refined are the symbol of a lasting bond, a feeling tormented and rebellious as it was that of Romeo and Juliet, and seal the promise of eternal love; a perfect gift for declaring your feelings to the person of the heart.

Infinity – S’Agapò

S’agapò is the brand founded in 2008 by Brosway group and specialized in making stainless steel jewelry that, again this year, has created a new line of precious for him and for her unique design and refined lines; the versatile precious, young and easy to wear. Here at Wholesaleably you can get more information of the jewelry models.

We are talking of the line Infinity including several 316L steel rings or gold plated PVD, to be chosen in satin or gloss variations. In addition, to make these whiskers is unique and original decoration which can be either with one or more crystals, for chic and sophisticated women, both with a black film to put on the ring, for women who want to show off a look glam- rock and even gritty the day of lovers.

The distinctive feature of these whiskers is open at both ends characterized by two triangles meet, symbol of the union between two people who choose to be together forever. In fact, these jewels represent the encounter between two souls and talk of dreams and promises, of two lives, united by fate, remain together indefinitely.

My Secret – Rosato

Rosato is a jewelry brand known part of the family Bros Manifatture which is distinguished by the elegance and refinement of the lines and the glamor and sophisticated details.

For Valentine’s Day 2015, the Italian brand offers the line My Secret perfect for all women who want to feel special and elegant and enrich their look with beautiful jewelry, unique and simply original.

The protagonist of the new collection is the charm in the shape of silver casket 925 embellished with sparkling 18kt yellow gold and enamel nice details in red, the color of love par excellence. An original gem for a special woman who keeps in his soul desires, emotions and memories that alone reveal all its uniqueness.

The proposal Bros Manifatture for Valentine’s Day in 2015 is characterized by glamor and trendy jewelry as a gift to the special person to express, with a simple gesture, feelings and emotions really unique.