Bloggers Have The Answer: Look How The More Complicated Trends from The Catwalk

This year the fashion is complicated, there are difficult trends because there are no good to the world, and though the garment we tempt in the hanger, not take it back home because we have no idea how look it. Thank goodness that the bloggers have already done the work for us and show us how to wear the trends of the season (even the most complicated).

White + white

The best possible combination for white, is the target, at least this season. If you want, you can play with nude accessories or metallic. And if you take it with sports white, you get a very modern sport look.

How to carry the Orange without appearing Naranjito?

The Orange It is one of the colors that are more carries this season. It is a warm, lively color, but it can be too strong if we exclusively. If you don’t want to seem naranjito, you can take it with black, camel, or a pair of jeans. The Orange can be the best color to encourage a look safari or military.

Live the fringes!

This season there are fringes everywhere, and what is the best way to take them? Because without complexes.

Do not be afraid to look like a cowboy hat and fringed scarf to the neck, that is the desired look. It combines the fringes with your jeans and give an air seventies retro prints shirts.

Jacket bomber with miniskirt

Unites two of the trends of spring to win in style: a Flower print jacket with one miniskirt seventies style. The ideal miniskirt of the season is with line full of suede and is fastened with buttons at the front.

Alternatives to the skinny

The pants they will give much to talk about in the coming months. Although we have been bury the drainpipes for several seasons, This year there are more alternatives than ever. We started with the pants with Bell. They always are with high heels or platforms, hippie style.

On the other hand, the baggy pants they adopted an informal style very cool if you wear them with sneakers.

The cargo pants we love, but it can shorten the figure if you aren’t very high or if you have the legs a little wider. Stylized your silhouette and wear them with heels.

We have already spoken here the shorts are not well anyone, not even to Blanca Suárez, but if still you not resist them, do so at your own risk, always wear them with clear ankle and heel. With high boots below also remain fairly well.

Ideas to avoid

Bloggers are not infallible, also they are wrong. Dickies may be fine, but if with them it seems that you just get out of the production line, leave them in the store. And those cycling shorts socks no, no, and a thousand times no. Never, never, never.