Sore thighs are now passé! Sexy Bandelettes help against each other grinding thigh.

No woman would ever admit that it has this problem: each grinding Thigh . It sometimes even slim women are affected. The rubbing of skin on skin is really uncomfortable wearing skirts and dresses. Now, finally, there is help. The name of the solution: Bandelettes!

What Nice helpers: we have us really happy, when we discovered this invention of the young American Julia Abasova. The Bandelettes are wide strips of beautiful lace, to be drawn on the thigh. So we put an end to the grater-Wolf!

The sexy Strip approximately 11 euros and are thus not only visually but also price very attractive. On the page they exist in different colors, sizes, patterns and widths to order. The post of the United States in Europe should arrive within three weeks.

How to best measure from his thigh, so that the Bandelettes a perfect fit and not slipping is explained on the page in a video.

Whether a wedding or party, so we are well prepared for long nights with lots of action! And if then still our dream Prince surprised us, we can say goodbye to finally relax by our clothes. Even when he discovered the Bandelettes, he will hold only for stockings without stockings .