There are scarce four days to make the latest proposals January bowling tacky award, up to the moment six candidates and with this new addition to the list we make the seventh, missing discover other three names will join the final vote. Another of the “ young ” class, Avril Lavigne I didn’t want to lose a vote as well and proposes this outfit.

Who was the representative of an outbreak some years ago “ punk ” teenager with his band driven by a good promotion by industry (for then disappear without further remedy and any penalty), for some time has decided to change the style and dress appropriate to their age (24 appear more), so we have seen her in some editorials but still always gives the touch of attention.

And on this occasion, the touch of attention gives it in style, with its favorite color: pink. There are certain limits to that color and one of those limits is moderation. Okay go punk for life (or at least to imitate his style) but then poured with black and roses Kit is a step.

Up a hoodie without sleeves with zipper that combines horizontal stripes and a part with points. Down a few mini shorts that seem drawn from a Pajamas in a pink check pattern and mauve. But the worst was to come in shoes. Wafer-thin, high heels and a Bubblegum pink so strong that damaged sight. A barbie dress so.

In a matter of styling, better not ask yourself is what you head to finish off a look as well. But if you touch do it, here’s the corresponding hypothesis: the intake of chewing gum produces these attacks of rosafilia and then the body just paying it.

Do you see any chance to win on his hand?