Aretha Franklin in The Taking of Possession of Barack Obama

To all of you, the great among the greats, number one soul singer: Aretha Franklin. With 66 years the American singer dazzled all singing to the new American President & #8216;My country tis of thee is‘, a patriotic Ode from those which are so essential for a ceremony.

The whole world looked, Barack Obama was playing everything in every decision and unlike their predecessors who chose Hilary Duff or Ricky Martin to open the ceremony (Yes, did George W. Bush) Obama He decided to give centre stage to a pristine, struggling singer since its inception by social and rights with one of the best races in the world of music.

For the occasion not sang none of his most memorable hits (’ I Say a Little Player ‘ or ‘ Don ’ t Play That Song For Me ‘) but noted that transmitted the patriotism so that we are not American. But regardless of its vocal demonstration with his talent, Aretha Franklin He returned to bet on one of his particular style. The ceremony called for more seriousness and so it entiendio it with a gray coat to the ground supplemented with gloves and a soft grey scarf. It was not the time of wearing one of his spectacular clothes, and time not accompanied.

But the best part of her look was Hat. Grey and decorated with a huge bow inlaid around the edges. Finally, could not miss earrings elegant, Pearl, hidden, not very big but beautiful.

To me I was thrilled, Lady Soul in its full swing, because on the words when their performance is.