Hi! Today I got up better, so here I am again:-) I have the thyroiddecompensated and there are days when I have no energy at all:-( But hey, I stop talking about pointy things and we’re going to mess!

bring a look very versatile! I’m sure even you are weddings, baptisms and communions in sight. But you are tired of buying dresses that are worn once and stay in the closet hung waiting for their “next opportunity”.

This dress is perfect for all occasions via summerdressesstore.com, so I liked it so much when I saw it ! because it is very simple and supplements can give you an air or another. Today I would’ve put these sandals so colorful, because finally it seems the heat It’s settling… But it also looks great with stilettos and stockings, or you can wear it with a flat shoe like a dancer and look great;-) The fabric is perfect for thisspring/summer time because it is very light and not If you take anything from na gives! Another plus I give you is that it will not wrinkle! So great to go to the office and get out perfect eight hours later ;-). But without a doubt, what I liked the most was its price! € 19.99 !! It is of the w and b of  our site. As I commented the other day, is an online store of cheap clothes and good quality. The klein blue color is very flattering and brings a lot of light to the skin!It was available in black and blue , but I opted for the klein  because it is a tone that does not abound in my closet. And also, in the face of summer they want more lively tones! If you do not like to go with backless to the office, you can add a jacket type blazer and perfect! In addition, we avoid colds due to air conditioning 😛 The detail of the back to the air is the key of this dress, which next to the bow make it perfect for a more formal event. The other day a friend asked me a dress for a civil wedding without necklin… And I recommended this one! Because it feels great to all bodies:-) It’s socomfortable, I used it in the last recording of “Take Note”. Because you’re neat but comfortable at the same time, and that’s very important (and even more so on the days of recording where we do not stop!). The other day I wore it with heels and today I decided to add these sandals sooo colorful that they love me!They are from the Lourdes Moreno Facebook store ! Its price is € 37.95!Great, considering that is an inspiration of the Aquazzura . The originals are priced at € 625! !!!!!! So I’ve been left with this total low cost version;-) What I like most about sandals is that their color”base” in tone makeup sticks witheverything ! I do not know if it happens to you, but when I’m wearing a colored dress I find it hard to find shoes that match. I think the pompoms of colors give us many options! And more considering that in spring/summer we usually wear garments with shades more striking than in winter ! I have wondered if they are comfortable , for me they are. I’m used to wearing heels (I love them!) And although today I’ve been kicking, I’ve been very comfortable! I also tell you that your 12cm high heels are not to stand for 12 hours, that there is no back that will resist! But for a type c event or munion in which we are going to walk for a while and then we happen to be sitting at a table do not pose any problem:-) Thesesandals , no doubt, will come with me to Mexico these months! Finally, make mention of my pedicure! Since I met Siberia’s manicure and pedicure salon, I have become completely faithful! As I am a mess with nails I always do thepermanent manicure/pedicure and I forget about them for three weeks! On my feet it lasts even longer! Today I have gone through your living room ( C/ Juan de Mena, 11, Madrid ) and Sofia, one of its owners has encouraged me to try thepedicure express color turquoise! The truth is that the result is SPECTACULAR! And when your feet are more brown, it will look even better haha!;-) You can make an appointment through your Facebook Siberia, manicure and pedicure room or through your Instagram @siberia_salon

What do you think the look today? What do these colors look like?

I send you a suuuuuuuuuper kiss!