Adilettes evening dress, cute lace skirts to cool oversize tops: The costume designer Aino Laberenz (33) is with their extraordinary looks in Germany new style icon. Our site talked to her about it-girls, the new fall trends and the work of her late husband, Christoph Schlingensief.

Aino Laberenz is known to most people as the wife of the 2010 late artist and theatre director Christoph Schlingensief. You committed to the continuation of his work and especially cares for the Opera village founded by Schlingensief in Africa. Under her leadership, it was opened in Burkina Faso in October 2011. In addition, the set designer is one of Germany’s new style icons. Our site met the native Finn in Berlin for an interview.

Our site: How do you react to, when you press on the label it girl you?
Aino Laberenz: “Moreover I still never thought said honestly. There is this label of differences between Germany and England. And today the term certainly is used differently than for example in the 1960s or earlier. I am very interested in fashion. And that of course has a lot with my job as costume designer. Fashion is also an expression for me, I like the game. I find the term it girl now be offensive. This is simply a label in which very much in fits.“

What influence has your profession on your private style?
Laberenz: “I am become more open by my job anyway. I found fabrics such as velvet, earlier for me privately not nice onstage, this material does work but completely different. And suddenly I thought that velvet is not so stupid. I admit much more through my profession in my private styling, experiment with colors and materials. Never – the word is there with me on fashion no longer.“
You’ll love the new “slippers”, such as, for example, Adilettes, why?
Laberenz: ‘ Adilettes me always accompanied, long before they were on the fashion week in the summer so the focus.” The shoes are simply comfortable! Through the plastic, they are not so eco, but rather sporty. I wear Adilettes simply to all – to the small black, for jeans.”

How style the slippers in the fall season?
Laberenz: “with SOCKS – however one slip only. This sucks. At some point it’s been then passing Adilettes, socks and or fashion. I am more pragmatic.”

What Autumn piece is on your shopping list?
Laberenz: “I bought an oversize coat of black Sheepskin in New York. I am already on it when it is cold enough to attract the. I like also very much the autumn collection by acne. You have a long tube skirt made of knitting, I sure would like to have. Also I’d like a really nice suit, a three-piece!”

They have performed in front of the camera for the Eyewear brand ACE & Tate. How was that for you?
Laberenz: “this is still new ground for me. For ACE & Tate we have had Yes our private stuff, so it was at first very relaxed. I’m no person which large positions itself or occupies any attitudes.”

You take care of the artistic estate of her deceased husband, Christoph Schlingensief. Have you planned new projects?
Laberenz: “we develop something in the exhibition area, which is still too unclear.
The exhibition in the works of art in Berlin was just, then she moved to New York. I guess Christoph very as an artist. Is important that his work is made not only visible, but also accessible to me. But I also would not burn him and therefore ensure that not too often seen him.”

When going back to the village of Opera to Burkina Faso?
Laberenz: Laberenz: “In October I’m there again. I was last in June there to open the infirmary. School starts again in the fall, then we get a new class. Because I want to be naturally there.”