4 Tips to Renew the Clothes You Nauseated

Clothes without the use: those who do not have any thing to stop at home for a variety of reasons, but which are often connected to the fact that you are nauseated or not see more grace in that piece. However, if you think that it still yields good looks and is not ready for donation, try these 4 suggestions to renovate it.

4 Tips to Renew the Clothes You Nauseated

4 tips to renew the clothes you nauseated

With little money and a lot of good will gives to bring votes on those parts that were already good mates and have already had their time of glory, but are still in perfect condition:

1 – Send it to dye

Many clothes end up being at the bottom of the cabinet because its color is not as trendy or you used both that you can no longer look at it, this may have happened with those chino color yellow or the bermuda red Ferrari that you bought in 2013. But they are still good parts and will serve you well, so why discard them? If the problem is really in the color, a dye may be the solution and value is much more friendly than buy a new part.

Dyeing a pair of pants may go out for approximately 40 real – this varies according to the locality, the type of pants, among other things – but if we take into account that a quality denim rarely goes out for less than 140 actual spending seems like a good deal.


2 – Piece adjustments

With the passing of time we have become more demanding with the trim of the clothes, so much that I bought 6 years ago I would not buy today, but they are still there in the wardrobe facing me, as if you were to ask what is the end worthy that I will give them; well, little by little I’m sending you to make adjustments, resetting the queue, and the result is that I never bought so little, because increasingly I notice that I have almost everything I need!


3 – Customize

There are several ways to customize an outfit, you can apply a patch, studs, wear to look vintage, to change the color of the seams, tear, discolor, or cause to die, all alone, up tutorial on YouTube teaching. There is also the simple solution as changing tapes, changing buttons, zippers or make drawings with a special pen for fabric, something that does not need so much commitment so if you are minimally qualified or know of someone with this ability, furthermore the expenses can be ridiculous, just take a leap in the shop armarinhos and buy some simple items.

Note: We will talk more about customization in future posts, is very much subject to respect.


4 – Be more creative

If you do not want to run the risk of spoiling your clothes, nor is being able to spend it with old parts, that such a rethink your manner of dress? A lot is stop at your locker because you get nauseated from the way they wore, but not if it was filled of the piece in question. Try to combine it with different items, imagine it in other situations and environments, render layers and become a part of something bigger, maybe this will rekindle the urge to use this outfit without having to fiddle in a wire even her. Try, the most that can happen is to receive a not of the mirror! ; P


Author’s note:

In men’s fashion it is possible to give way on almost everything: the coat, very wide, can be adjusted to stay with a modern feel and cherish your body; the t-shirt that was a gift of the tia can be dyed or customized; that cardigan does not look so shabby when worn under a jacket blazer and it is great to create a look more elaborate.

As the clothes of the man suffer less action tendencies and do not change style or trim each year, the same items that are stopped for a long time can re-active and leave your combinations in the original. Even parts that seem at the end of life can become a hype, thanks to the waves of the vintage fashion coming each and every time.In the 80s I never thought that my denim all ordnance would one day be the inspiration for the pants premium very expensive, or that a shoe leather all shredded and creased could be an alternative to tennis shoes, but fashion shows us that the end of the useful life of clothing is not defined by us, so do not hurry to get rid of them!